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Trump to cut Federal Government

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"Revenue neutral carbon taxes don't exist"

Fixing the Problems With Bitcoin, 1543

The Real Numbers

After President Trump’s first full month in office...

✓ 235,000 jobs were added to our economy in February -- 100,000 more than what was expected

✓ 40% fewer illegal immigrants crossed our border (even before the border wall has been constructed)

✓ $3 trillion were added to the stock market as optimism about our economy continues to soar

✓ Billions of dollars will be invested here in the United States by businesses that are encouraged by President Trump’s economic policies

✓ Judge Gorsuch, a constitutionalist worthy of Justice Scalia’s seat, was nominated to the Supreme Court

President Trump is just getting started. He will not rest until we truly Make America Great Again!

Paul Ryan's downfall? Runs ads against fellow Republicans.

Ivanka Trump’s Sales Shatter Records in Feb., 1542

SCANDAL out of the UN: Part 1

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