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Is Justin Trudeau’s carbon tax plan illegal?

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The Real Important Issue


“The last 30 years we have lived off the future, and the bill is coming due.”  Tom Coburn, former Senator from Oklahoma

In November of 2016 my car battery died so I called AAA. They came to my home and replaced my battery and charged me $149. I decided to look up the old invoice from several years prior to see how much they had charged me the last time this happened and it was done in January of 2011 and the cost was $113. In actuality, these numbers are a reasonably good reflection of the inflation rate for the last 6 years.

This is called inflation folks! The exact same service was $36 dollars more than it was about 6 years prior. Do not let anyone, and particularly the federal government, tell you that prices are not going up. At present the rate of inflation is running at about 6% per year and, if nothing is done, this will only get worse. This a major consequence of the national, state and local debt that is crushing this nation (see www.usdebtclock…

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