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�� Gold Breaks Out!

Chinas Great Migration: How the Poor Built a Prosperous Nation | Bradley...

Forecast: AI to Launch Next Major Cyberattack

UnderTheLens - 07 26 17 - AUGUST - "Where Financialization Will Lead Us!""

Introduction to Fiscal Policy

We have evidence of a scandal of epic proportions in Congress!

How's Socialism Doing in Venezuela?

This is hard to fathom, but sadly true

Forgotten history: US bankers financing US enemies—and why it is important now
by Jon Rappoport
Read this article to open your mind to the evil behind central banking and its enablers in the political class. The last I checked, there were only a small handful of countries without a central banking system, this article well illustrates how it works, what it does, and who controls it. It makes all of these distractions we get caught up in from day to day like political parties, religious differences, race, fake news, violence, wars, and the rhetoric all seem so insignificant.
                                As always, thank you for reading and sharing

Franklin D. Roosevelt tells all, before he dies. Incredible!

Stop Subsidizing Sports!

Tucker Carlson 'Maxine Waters Owns a $4.3Million Mansion How did that h...

Tucker Carlson 'Maxine Waters Owns a $4.3Million Mansion How did that h...

Pamela Geller: Silicon Valley's war on free speech

The Truth About Equality: Outcome vs. Opportunity

Magatte Wade on Eliminating Global Poverty

Trump and Afghanistan

Before I get into the moral questions of this policy, let's visit the financial aspect of it. Every soldier stationed overseas in a conflict zone costs one million dollars a year. So you have to figure that non combatants are maybe half that much. Then you have the scary fact that we are 20 TRILLION dollars in debt. From a financial perspective this policy is deeply flawed.
 Then you get into the moral aspect of it. These people in foreign lands need to fight for their own freedom or they will never keep it. Look at Iraq for a good example. We stopped the civil war there and defeated the proxy armies from neighboring countries. We pulled out the majority of our troops "too fast many would say", and ISIS filled the power vacuum. Then we had to go in and defeat ISIS. These deals are never ending and sooner or later we will have to default on the debt. That will be a sad and tragic reset when it happens. The political leaders and their cronies will have amassed large fortu…

Ici Londres: Free trade has losers, too

Market Update With Chris Puplava

Legal Representation

Urban Carmel: “No Reason to Suspect Bull Market Has Ended"

Walter E Williams - Windfall Profits and Price Gouging

Words & Numbers: Child Labor Was Wiped Out by Markets, Not Government

Just A Taste: The Bechtel Corporation with Sally Denton

The Fascism Debate! Political Fascism Versus Freedom

Here's how a Congressman gets caught by the FBI

ManOn the Street: Income Inequality

USS John S. McCain violent collision involving a 2nd Navy Destroyer

California must raise taxes 300% to pay for "free" health care

An Alternative to Welfare

Global Debt Crisis. Prepare Yourself Accordingly.

Seattle's $15 Minimum Wage is Hurting the Workers It's Intending to Help

Who Does a $15 Minimum Wage Help?

Environmental and Resource Economics | Timothy D.Terrell

Is Capitalism The Real Problem? - REBUTTED!

Youth Unemployment Plummets to 17 Year Low, 1763

Just A Taste: Winning the Fight for Health Freedom with Scott Tips

Property Rights as a Response to a Problem

Tony Blauer: What Will it Cost You if You Don't Fight?

Chris Calton: Historical Controversies

Monetary Policy: The Negative Real Shock Dilemma

Richard Duncan: Fed Tightening Due to Growing Concern of Market Bubble

Blackrock Outlook: Technology Causing Historic Supply-Side Shock

John Stossel vs. Noam Chomsky on Venezuela

Walter E Williams - The Virtue and Morality of Profits

Myths of Market Failure | Thomas J. DiLorenzo