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Trump Positives (so far)

The dishonest media doesn’t like to talk about what we’ve accomplished, so I’m going to give you a few highlights of what we’ve done...

✔ We ordered the construction of a strong, impenetrable wall along the Southern border.

✔ We nominated Justice Gorsuch to the Supreme Court who has already begun hearing a case on religious liberties. So important!

✔ We signed the “Hire American, Buy American Act” to help America workers and manufacturers who have been left in the dark.

✔ We approved the Keystone and Dakota Access Pipelines that will provide tens of thousands of new jobs and help end our dependence on Middle East oil.

✔ We stopped using your tax dollars to fund abortions around the world.

✔ We rolled back Obama’s restrictions on your constitutional right to protect yourself and your family through the Second Amendment.

✔ We ordered restrictions on immigration from countries compromised by radical Islamic terrorism -- even despite obstruction from the far left.

✔ We ended terrible regulations …

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