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Civil forfeiture turns cops into robbers

Why You MUST Speak the Truth. Enough Bullsh*t!

This is Why January 1st 2017 is a HUGE Day for China and the Markets!

Trump's Pentagon Budget Time Bomb

Trump Foundation Set to be Dissolved


Dan Amerman on Imminent Surge in Entitlement Costs

The MADNESS OF A ROTTEN SOCIETY - Riots, Civil Unrest, and Chaos in America

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This is killing America (No one can disprove any of it)

Kwanzaa: City spends real taxpayer money to celebrate fake holiday

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2017 Annual Forecast Preview

TRADE WAR: Trump May Impose 10% Tariff on Imports! Warning to China!

The Fed Rate Hike - Gift Or Curse For Incoming Administration ?

Italy : World's Oldest Bank Get's World's Newest Bailout

"The largest unprosecuted charity fraud conspiracy in history." via @Liz...

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Ep. 215: Irrational Exuberance Trumps All

Chris Puplava on US Dollar Bubble, China Capital Outflows

Ronald Stöferle: Austrian Investing

New Details of Europe Emerge! Was This A Threat to Russia?

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The Price of Cronyism | Jeff Deist

SR 1412 – Uber is Now More Valuable that GM & Twitter Combined!

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Trace Mayer: Blockchain Tech Will Reorganize Every Aspect of Society

Econ Duel: Fiat Money vs. the Gold Standard


Trump Can't Stop This Bubble From Bursting, Nor Should He Try

China Yuan Hits 8 YEAR LOW vs U.S. Dollar as Currency War Rages On!

ECB Keeps Greece In Debt Slavery 2017

Green Education Youth Indoctrination

MACRO ANALYTICS - 12 15 16 - MISH'S MONTHLY MACRO - w/Mish Shedlock

ALL Major Banks Are Insolvent! Banking System CAN’T Avoid Systemic Meltd...

NDP carbon tax has already killed greenhouse business

The Case for a Flat Tax

Fact Checking Free Speech?

What Pisses Me Off About Universal Basic Income (UBI)

John Williams: The Federal Government's Fake News

Fed Fakes Confidence With Another Dec. 1/4 Point Rate Hike

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Shifting Landscapes

How the Minimum Wage Hurts Young People

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EVIL Bill and Hillary's corrupt Clinton Foundation exposed

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India Chaos as Currency and Gold RAIDS Happening RIGHT NOW!

The Heroes of Capitalism (OCON 2016)

Marc Chandler: Dollar’s Bull Run Not Over; Euro Likely Heading Lower