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The Progressive Income Tax: A Tale of Three Brothers

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Inflation in 2017 Ticking Time Bomb!

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The War for America | Jim Hoft and Stefan Molyneux

National Guardsmen forced to pay back Reenlistment Bonuses outrages Cong...

Wikileaks Reveals George Soros Voting Machines in U.S. Elections!

Wikileaks Reveals George Soros Voting Machines in U.S. Elections!

The Bonus Army (Don't Accept the Bonus)

National Guardsmen forced to Pay Back Reenlistment Bonuses outrages Cong...

Pentagon Want Bonuses Back From Vets

Carbon taxes force another plant closure in Kamloops, BC

Will the U.S. Economy Be In Recession in Spring 2017? Analyst Says YES!

Dr. Jeffrey Herbener: Demystifying the Fed

US Military Waste - $6.5 Trillion Missing (Pt.4)

US Military Waste - Generals Never Retire (Pt.3)

US Military Waste - Middle East Wars Are Cash Cows (Pt.2)

US Military Waste - 100 Years Of Fraud (Pt.1)

How Does the Minimum Wage Work?

Global Central Bank Balance Sheet Hits RECORD HIGH!

SR1281 - Was Crooked Clinton Fed Debate #3 Questions?

The Future of Russian Agriculture

Eric Hadik on Cycles, Gold, and Stock Market

The Battle for Mosul

Investors RUSH to Cash as Stock Market and U.S. Dollar Fluctuate Wildly!

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Why You Need a Credit Card; Get the Right One

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Stock Market LONGEST Monthly LOSING Streak in 5 Years!

Reggie Middleton's Call to Professional Investors: Embrace the Future, Now

Irwin Schiff Remembered

How George SOROS May Help Hillary STEAL the ELECTION

YouTubers Paid to Support Hillary Clinton?

Driverless Vehicles In 10 Years - All Hype?

Oxford Study - Robots To Replace 47% Of Jobs In 15 Years

Driverless Vehicles To Eliminate 4 Million Driver Jobs?

Do We Need More Taxes or Less Government Spending?

I will put a link to a story regarding the record amount of taxes Americans are paying. As this happens, our government keeps running yearly deficits and adding to the national debt of over 19 trillion dollars.
 Do we really want more of the same? Clinton is wanting to raise taxes and Trump wants to cut them, the choice is clear and it is yours to make.

Why the FBI Let Hillary Go Free

LONGWave - 10 05 16 OCTOBER - Pyramiding Risk & Systemic Instabilities

Court Ruling Reins in Unaccountable Financial Regulation Agency | The Da...

Fracknation director: WikiLeaks proves us right about Putin funding "env...

Ep. 203: Media Trumps Up Obama To Help Clinton

1MDB Scandal Investigation Reaches the White House

Balancing Fighting With Finance in 'The Accountant'

Hillary Clinton Claims 90% "Small Donors" - LOLOLOLOLOL

Syria Comments

The Banks Continue Looting Greece

Yep...They Even Have Banker Scum In Iran

The Real Estate Crash Is Starting

The Psychopathic Media's Sexual Infantilism and Trump Rape Fetishes

Lawrence McQuillan: Day of Reckoning for Public Pensions Underway

Hillary Clinton Admits Saudi & Qatar Fund 1SIS! Wikileaks Emails Expose

Al Gore’s “crooked” charity's shocking ties to Liberal Party

Nathaniel Branden - The Entitlement Mentality

HSBC RED ALERT: Stock Market "Severe Fall" Based on THIS Chart!