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Trump and Afghanistan

Before I get into the moral questions of this policy, let's visit the financial aspect of it. Every soldier stationed overseas in a conflict zone costs one million dollars a year. So you have to figure that non combatants are maybe half that much. Then you have the scary fact that we are 20 TRILLION dollars in debt. From a financial perspective this policy is deeply flawed.
 Then you get into the moral aspect of it. These people in foreign lands need to fight for their own freedom or they will never keep it. Look at Iraq for a good example. We stopped the civil war there and defeated the proxy armies from neighboring countries. We pulled out the majority of our troops "too fast many would say", and ISIS filled the power vacuum. Then we had to go in and defeat ISIS. These deals are never ending and sooner or later we will have to default on the debt. That will be a sad and tragic reset when it happens. The political leaders and their cronies will have amassed large fortu…