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What Pisses Me Off About Government Debt | The Debt Ceiling and Budget Act

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Economic growth slows

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Foreign Nations Buying Up U.S. Natural Resources

The Controversy on GE and Export-Import Bank Explained

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200,000 Views, Thank You

While my Blog Follow the Money is rounding the corner on 200,000 views, I wish to offer a sincere and heartfelt thank you to all of my readers. I make no ad revenue and do this as my civic duty to share with others. While this number may seem small in comparison to other blogs, it means much to me.
                                                                             Bert aka John Barleycorn


A Lesson from the Penman of the Revolution: Small Things Grow Great by C...

Former employees speak out about Disney's outsourcing of high-tech jobs

151028 - What's In Your Hotdog?

Sen. Ted Cruz talks about the Debt Ceiling

Why Republicans Want Entitlement Reform in Debt, Spending Deal

Walgreens to acquire Rite Aid

SKU_Vlog_002: What is the Fair Value of Gold? Ounces Over Dollars, P1

Revealed: Fed Rescuing Global Financial System! Proof in This Chart!

Nightly Business Report – October 27, 2015

Poverty: 1 In 2 Working Americans Makes Less Than $30,000 A Year! Unempl...

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Minute Memo #191 - Iceland Jails More Bankers

Dr. Michel Accad: Why Can't We Pay Cash for Doctors?

Amazing statistics you wouldn’t have known about

Misconceptions about Mythology - mental_floss on YouTube (Ep. 46)


Nightly Business Report – October 23, 2015

Still Report #444 - Dylan Ratigan Rant

How Sen. Mike Lee Thinks the GOP Can Force a Showdown on Obamacare

Ep. 114: ECB Opens The Door To More QE

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The 2008 Financial Crisis: Crash Course Economics #12

Global Economic Collapse is Underway with Uncontrollable Debt Meltdown!

The worst cases of movie product placement you’ll ever see

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The Truth About Immigration and Welfare

Are The Greeks Villains If They Default On Their National Debt? - Learn ...

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U.S. Government Creates "Stealth Tax" to Patch Budget Holes!