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Will China Pull a "Switzerland" on the U.S. Dollar?

Keith's Macro Notebook 1/16: UST 10YR | Financials | Kospi

150115 - Technology is Deflationary

Martin Armstrong: The Forecaster

Ep 44: Switzerland Loses Currency War - Swiss Win

Macro Notebook 1/15: Swiss | Oil | Financials

Ep 43: Denial Runs Deep From Wall Street To Bitcoin

Conversation: China's Economic Slowdown and the Necessity of Reform

McCullough: This Is The Uber-Bull Case For Gold

Hedgeye's Morning Macro Call Replay: Is JPM Set Up Worse Now Than 2011?

Keiser Report: Siberian Camembert (E705, ft. Ben Aris)

The Truth About The Gender Pay Gap

Renegade Economist Show: The American Dream

Keith's Macro Notebook 1/13: UST 10YR | Gold | Copper

McCullough to Underperformers: Stop Whining

McCullough: Why I'm in No Hurry to Buy Energy Stocks

01 09 15 - FINANCIAL REPRESSION AUTHORITY - w/Dominic Frisby

Keith's Macro Notebook 1/12: #Quad4 | Europe | Oil

150111 - 28 Pages

Ep. 42: Jobs Up But Earnings And Participation Down

01 10 15 - FINANCIAL REPRESSION AUTHORITY - w/Robert Wenzel Rough

Keith's Macro Notebook 1/9: UST 10YR | Oil | Russia

Johan Norberg - Economic Liberty In Zambia

John Stossel - Economic Delusions

150108 - Bacon Smell?

Keith's Macro Notebook 1/8: Yen | Oil | SPX

State of the Gold Market 2015: Exclusive Forecast & Charts - Peter Schif...

01 07 15 - MACRO ANALYTICS - 2015 Global Theme - DEFLATION - w/ Charles ...

Politicians, if you want to feel virtuous, spend your own money

Keith's Macro Notebook 1/7: #EuropeSlowing | UST 10YR | SPY

Backpack Funding: The Big School Reform That Fits in a Tiny Package

Government Loans Soar Under Obama

Fed-Propped Oil Prices Tumble. Stocks and Real Estate Next.

Ep 41: Gold Breaks Out, Stocks Break Down

Conversation: Drivers Behind the Weak Euro and Its Repercussions

McCullough: I Would Not Do What The Hedge Funds Are Doing $IWM

McCullough: This Is the One Thing That Could Trigger a Recession

Keith's Macro Notebook 1/5: Euro | Oil | UST 10YR

150104 - Ponzi Pensions

Ep 40: As The New Year Begins, Will The "Recovery" End?

Our #1 Show of 2014!

Keith's Macro Notebook 1/2: Euro | Oil | PMIs