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Nightly Business Report — June 30, 2015

Thomas Sowell - Wealth Disparity

Nightly Business Report — June 26, 2015

French taxi drivers smash cars, protest Uber - Fox News

Killing the Dollar: G20 & IMF Push for Global Fed, Global Currency

06 24 15 - 2015 "In GOLD We TRUST" Report - w/Ronnie Stoeferle

Ep. 89a: Help Me Correct Wikipedia's Liberal Bias

Nightly Business Report — June 25, 2015

Podcast 12: Paper Gold Fraud Rampant in New York and London

SR381 - Why Greece Will Default

Kickstarter Campaign

Nightly Business Report — June 24, 2015

Greeks protest pension cuts

Ep. 89: Greece is a sideshow. U.S. is the Main Event.

Harold Crooks and John Christensen: Western Empires and the Global Economy

Housing bubble brewing

Robert Reich Dead Wrong on $15/Hour Campaign

Robert Reich Dead Wrong on $15/Hour Campaign

150621 - Outsourced to China


Tax and Death of Democracy

Nightly Business Report — June 18, 2015

06 18 15 What Do the State of Illinois, Chicago, Public Pensions and Gre...

150618 - IRS to Halt Global Warming

Nightly Business Report — June 17, 2015

Yellen Almost Admits Fed Not Ready to Raise Rates

Colt Gun Maker Declares Bankruptcy

06 16 15 Jordan Eliseo talks "Dire Straits - Money for Nothing, Debt for...

Nightly Business Report — June 16, 2015

What to watch this week

Underwater borrowers

Saving Your Retirement Nest Egg from the Next Market Crash - Peter Schif...

$15 Smart Silver & $25K Gold

SR 377 -- Fast Track Not Dead

Nightly Business Report — June 12, 2015

150611 - Republicans Pulling A Pelosi

How the Fed Is Helping the Few and Hurting the Rest

Nightly Business Report — June 11, 2015

Crude oil on the rise

Doug Casey on Protecting Your Wealth Against Government