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Gas Pump Fraud

I do not think Gas Station Owners who are “foreign born entities” should be singled out.  This can be applicable to anyone. It is worth a look when pumping gas.  Living in N.J. I have never pumped gas.  Max usually does it when we are on trips.  One time I pulled into a gas station in Florida and waited ten minutes then had to go into the office twice to ask politely if the attendant would please fill my tank.  His response, “you are from New Jersey, right.”  Only two states in the U.S. do not let customers pump their own gas. Fore warned is fore armed.

Honestly,  What will they try next to cheat people out of some Money ?

Check this out. It's not surprising !

FYI - You should read this !  Good info. When getting fuel for your vehicles.

Good email and better advice.

Got this from a email friend today she says . . .  I ALWAYS check the first gallon before pumping more – simply to 'Match the Price'  (advertised) against the 'One' gallon pumped into my car. – I “caught” a S…