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Insight into Gumball 3000

International Forecaster

THE INTERNATIONAL FORECASTER Saturday, October 26, 2013 10/26/13 #8 E-MAIL ADDRESS For correspondence to us: CHECK OUT OUR WEBSITE

Radio Show:
James Corbett with Dr. Stan “The Entitlement Bubble”

Too Early to Say: Is China's Long Game Paying Off? By James Corbett There is an oft-repeated story that former Chinese Premier Zhou Enlai, when asked about the impact of the French Revolution, responded that it is “too early to say.” The idea that the Chinese, a civilization that has persisted for thousands of years, think events like the French Revolution of the 18th century so relatively recent that they can't yet be commented on seems to describe so much about China and its way of thinking. Of course, like so many other famous quotes, it isn't quite true. The “too early to say” remark arose, according to Nixon's Chinese …

My UK Friend Comments

Awaken the Sheeple, Obamacare drama continues, economic downturn continues as expected across the globe! Middle-East conflicts rages on, same of the same! stock market still high on Q.E. Unemployment still rising with Presstitudes lying as usual! Festive season will be a slow one, too many people struggling, setting up for an interesting 2014, that won't be a happy new year for most people!