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America's Lowest Earners Spend Twice Their Incomes

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Are You a "Herding Beast"?!

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Quadrillion Dollar Derivatives Market = 20 Xs Global GDP

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The New York Stock Exchange Is Rigged, Too

120924 - Fake Gold and Derivatives

International Forecaster

THE INTERNATIONAL FORECASTER SATURDAY, September 22, 2012 09/15/12 #4 E-MAIL ADDRESS For correspondence to us: info@theinternationalforecaster.comNEW ADDRESS CHECK OUT OUR WEBSITE If you have any questions, as always please feel free to email us with your questions or comments. Jeni, Judy & Matt
James Corbett with Dr. Stan “Economic Stimulus? Just More Talk”
James is on with Dr. Stan every Monday at 7pm EST
Crime Pays by James Corbett September 22, 2012
“The weed of crime bears bitter fruit. Crime does not pay.” So warned Lamont Cranston, the hero of the 1930s crime fighting radio drama “The Shadow,” at the end of each episode, shortly after using his powers of invisibility to solve the week's mystery and bring the criminals to justice. The premise was simple and effective: criminals may garner momentary reward from their activities, but in the end the long arm of the l…

Blazer Metals Report: $Trillions into Gold & Silver?

Blazer Metals Report: $Trillions into Gold & Silver?

Obama's Change


SOME WILL NOT. HOWEVER, ALL OF IT IS TRUE. Here's your change! January 

2009 TODAY % 

chg Source Avg. retail

price/gallon gas in U.S. $1.83 $3.44 84% 1 Crude oil,

European Brent (barrel) $43.48 $99.02 127.7% 2 Crude oil, West

TX Inter. (barrel) $38.74 $91.38 135.9% 2 Corn, No2 yellow,

Central IL $3.56 $6.33 78.1% 2 Soybeans, No. 1

yellow, IL $9.66 $13.75 42.3% 2 Sugar, cane, raw,

world, lb. $13.37 $35.39 164.7% 2

The case against Lehman Brothers

A Kenyan Restauranteur Flourishes Through Microfinancing | Independent L...

What to Watch: September 21, 2012

Banking Union and Potential EU Division (Portfolio)

Keiser Report: World Flash Clash Center; Jim Rickards on QE to Infinity ...

United States Budget Dilemma.wmv

NYSE Wealth Confiscation Scheme

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